PDFTron is proud to be included in the just-released publication put out by AIIM, the leading ECM association, entitled "Digital Long-Term Preservation of Electronic Documents - PDF/A Products Guide."

PDF/A, a popular subset of the PDF specification, has been an ISO Standard that since October 1, 2005 (ISO 19005-1: Document Management - Electronic document file format for long term preservation) and is being rapidly adopted for digital archiving. The standard is supported by the international PDF/A Competence Centre of which PDFTron is a member.

PDFTron's strict adherence to the PDF/A standard enables PDFTron to offer one of the most compliant PDF to PDF/A conversion and PDF/A validation engines on the market, something that is recognized by independent international organizations such as KOST, a Swiss-based coordinating body for permanent archiving of electronic documents. PDF/A capabilities are offered in PDF/A Manager as well as in PDFNet, PDFTron's flagship PDF library and electronic document processing platform. PDFNet and PDF/A Manager integrate easilty with ECM and SharePoint systems and other enterprise and commercial products to provide full PDF/A support and allow organizations to reduce costs associated with long term PDF archiving, increase efficiency through best-in-class searchability, and meet compliance requirements. More details on the key PDF/A functionality offered by PDFTron are included in the new AIIM PDF/A Products Guide.