Today we are excited to announce version 7.1.3 of the PDFTron iOS SDK .

This release adds many new features to our React Native library to support real-time document collaboration and more extensive UI customization. We have also added support for custom fonts and emojis in free text annotations. Please see the full PDFTron 7.1.3 for iOS changelog for a full list of features and improvements in this release.

Real-time Document Collaboration with React Native

Real-time document collaboration is now fully supported by the PDFTron React Native library for seamless multi-platform PDF collaboration across iOS, Android, and web. Collaboration can be enabled on the React Native DocumentView component with the following steps:

  1. Set the DocumentView component's collabEnabled prop to true.

That's it!

Once collaboration is enabled, you can synchronize remote changes from your server with the importAnnotationCommand method and upload local changes in response to the onExportAnnotationCommand event prop.

For an overview and in-depth information on the PDFTron document collaboration system, you can check out our iOS documentation .

UI Customization with React Native

Within the popup menu shown for selected annotations, it is now possible to enable/disable specific menu items with the DocumentView component's annotationMenuItems prop. Custom annotation menu behavior can also be achieved by overriding the default behavior of menu items with the overrideAnnotationMenuBehavior and onAnnotationMenuPress props.

Similar to overriding the default behavior of annotation menu items, other aspects of the viewer can also be overridden with the overrideBehavior and onBehaviorActivated props. The behavior of links in the document can be controlled with this API and we will be adding support for more behaviors in the future.

If you are looking to customize a builtin aspect of the viewer that is not currently supported, please feel free to open an issue to let us know. We are always interested to see different use-cases and how they can be better supported in the PDFTron React Native library.

User Custom Fonts and Emojis for Free Text Annotations

With this release, users can now pick custom fonts to be applied to any free text annotation. And... emojis are now fully supported! 🎉

Custom font and emoji support for free text annotations
Custom fonts and emojis in free text annotations

As an added benefit of emoji support, the rendered and "interactive" appearance of the free text annotation will now match exactly.

And More...

A few other features in this release include:

  • Event handling for annotation selection (React Native)
  • Ability to delete specific PDF annotations (React Native)
  • Full support for custom HTTP headers for remote documents (React Native, Flutter)

For a complete list of changes in this release, please see the full PDFTron 7.1.3 for iOS changelog .

We hope you like these changes and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for future updates. As always, we have some great new features coming soon so please stay tuned!