These last months, we've made continuous improvements to our iOS experience. And in this blog, we recap all the latest and greatest additions bundled into versions 9.1.1 and 9.1.2 of our iOS PDF SDK, including several collaboration improvements, new form creation and redaction toolbars, digital signature validation, and more!

We have a lot to cover, so let's get right to it.

Collaboration Improvements

We continue to make streamlined integration of collaboration a top priority for our iOS SDK. Therefore, its latest iteration includes two editing modes for even more control over how your users collaborate.

  1. the default .editAll mode, which allows any user/author to edit or delete any annotation
  2. a new .editOwn mode, where editing annotations is restricted to only those created by the current user/author

Next, we also added support for annotation states (accepted, rejected, cancelled, completed) in the annotation replies UI -- useful for those implementing a professional review and approval workflow.

Annotation States UI

Form Creation and Redaction Toolbars

We added two new toolbars: one for PDF form creation and editing, and another for redaction. Note: you can modify forms created in any other program, and the redactions are true redaction that fully eliminate the underlying PDF content, so you can be sure your redactions are permanent and secure.

Form Creation UI

Ability to Annotate in Reflow/Reader mode

Reflow/Reader mode is the view mode where the PDF content is re-formatted to fully fit within the viewer, at any font size the user chooses. This is particularly useful when viewing PDFs on an iPhone because it eliminates the need to zoom and pan.

With 9.1.1, you are now also able to add, modify and delete text markup annotations when viewing a PDF in reflow mode.

Annotate a PDF in Reader Mode

Digital Signature Validation

We added digital signature validation to round out our iOS digital signature library that will let you digitally sign and certify PDFs, and support long-term validation (LTV).

PDF Digital Signature Validation

Rich Text Support

Lastly, when adding or editing text in PDFs, users can now specify bold or italic typeface, and underline.

Rich Text on PDF

And More...

This recaps the biggest features added to our iOS PDF SDK versions 9.1.1 and 9.1.2.

Some more improvements:

  • The ability to export a file-size optimized copy of a PDF
  • Support for drag-and-drop of images onto a PDF, which are added as stamps
  • Inserting new pages can now be done from the "Insert" toolbar
  • Imperial measurements are displayed in fractions of an inch rather than decimals

Insert Pages, Measurement as Fraction, Optimize PDF

To explore the complete list of enhancements, visit our detailed changelogs .

We hope you like these changes, and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions or suggestions for future updates. As always, we have some great new features coming soon so please stay tuned!