We are pleased to announce version 7.1.2 of PDFTron's iOS SDK .

In this release we've added a new callout annotation tool, support for custom fonts in text annotations and reflow mode, a new sepia viewing mode, an improved document sharing UI, and more.

PDF Callout Annotation Tool

This release adds the ability to create and edit callout annotations for users to add text notes with an arrow pointing to specific points of interest on the document. For example, your users might want to add a comment to a blueprint, pointing out where a building's construction went wrong. Or they may want to point out a part of a sentence that's misspelled, suggesting an alternative.

Callout annotation
Adding a callout annotation.

Custom Fonts in PDF Text Annotations

With this release it's now possible to use custom fonts for [PTFreeText](https://www.pdftron.com/api/ios/Classes/PTFreeText.html) annotations so you can further personalize your app to suit your needs.

Custom font support for PTFreeText annotations
Custom fonts in free text annotations

Custom fonts in reflow mode

We are also pleased to introduce custom font support for the powerful and convenient reflow mode . This will allow you to customize the PDF reading experience even more, and gives your users the ability to personalize their viewer.

Reflow with Default FontReflow with Courier
Default fontCustom font

Reflow (or Reader mode) displays the content of a PDF in more-readable format, similar to how Reader mode in Safari works for websites. The style, default font, and formatting of the original text is maintained, and any text annotations such as highlights or underlines are also shown. With images now also shown in Reflow mode, the user experience is even better!

Sepia PDF Reader Mode

There is a new sepia mode available which can be toggled using the PTDocumentViewSettingsController. Many people find sepia mode easier on the eyes which makes for a better reading experience and we're pleased to introduce this feature for both reflow and non-reflow mode.

Sepia ModeSepia Mode in Reflow
Sepia ModeSepia Mode in Reflow

Improved document sharing

The PTDocumentViewController'sshareButtonItem now presents a UIActivityViewController. This makes it easy to disable any of the builtin share actions (print, copy to clipboard, email, etc.), add custom actions, and have more control over the sharing process (preparing document for sharing by flattening, optimizing, etc.).

And More…

Please see our change log for a list of all changes in this release.

We hope you like these changes and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

We also have many exciting new features planned for the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned!