It is now much easier for .NET Core developers to integrate the PDFTron SDK into Windows, Linux, and Mac applications. Today we are excited to introduce a new language binding for .NET Core.

Combined with our support for Xamarin, the new binding allows a .NET developer to write applications that will be portable over Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and macOS platforms while accessing a single robust API. Reducing development time while simplifying maintenance.

The new binding also provides Windows developers the option of deploying applications on a Linux or macOS server.


The new .NET Core language binding provides access to a broad set of document functionality and file formats already available in the PDFTron SDK:

  • Markup PDF, MS Office, and other formats with highlights, stamps & notes
  • High-fidelity direct document conversion from 30+ file formats
  • Support form filling, FDF, and embedded JavaScript
  • Create compliant & optimized PDFs dynamically from text, images, other formats (like MS Office, OOXML, HTML, XAML, XPS), and templates
  • Extract readable text, vector data, tables, fonts, and color profiles for advanced search or to repurpose existing PDFs
  • And much more... .


PDFTron SDK for .NET Core is available for licensing directly from PDFTron, comes with all the resources required for rapid implementation (including sample projects, comprehensive documentation, and source code availability), and is backed by PDFTron's unmatched technical support.