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How to View DOCX in a React Web App

We explain how to open DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX in a React web app and so much more with PDFTron WebViewer.

Jun 7 2022


How to View, Edit, and Annotate PDFs in Microsoft Teams

This blog shows you how easy it is to add full-fledged PDF document viewer, annotator, and editor to Microsoft Teams as a Teams App using PDFTron's WebViewer sample.

May 10 2022



How to Generate PDF Documents in the Browser

While document generation has been a standard component of our complete, native document software toolkit for a long, long time, we recently made it a lot easier to leverage our fast SDK to create…

Nov 18 2021


How to Collaborate on and Review Video Files in Salesforce

Today, more and more businesses use video as a means to educate, connect, and market to target audiences, thanks to the rapid spread of new ways of creating and sharing videos online. Our WebViewer Video…

Mar 3 2021


How to Populate Record Data into PDF Forms in Salesforce

Many Salesforce users would like an automated flow to populate fields in document templates with Salesforce data -- whether to send auto-filled letters to customers or quickly sign their internal documents…

Feb 8 2021


How to View, Edit, Annotate and Redact Salesforce Record Attachment Files in a Lightning Web Component

At PDFTron, many clients approached us looking for an end-to-end document solution for their Salesforce applications -- one that could handle their most commonly used document file types and integrate…

Jan 12 2021



Automating Document Redaction in a Web App using JavaScript

As a commercial PDF SDK vendor, we work with many customers who seek to replace outdated manual redaction methods by streamlining redaction within a PDF-based review & approval or virtual data room app…

Feb 12 2020



How To Build a PDF Viewer With Blazor

Blazor is an upcoming web framework that allows you to build interactive web UIs with C# and use .NET Core packages in your backend. If you're interested in integrating a Blazor PDF viewer for PDF and MS…

Aug 23 2019


WebAssembly vs. PNaCl Performance Benchmark

At PDFTron, we seek to provide customers the fastest way to view, annotate, form-fill, and edit documents across every platform. Thus when we move to a new technology, we must find out how well it performs…

Aug 16 2019


What is PDF Linearization?

PDF “Fast Web View” or Linearization is a way of optimizing PDFs so they can be streamed into a client application in similar fashion to Youtube videos. This helps remote, online documents open almost…

Jun 11 2019


How to Convert a Scanned PDF to a Fillable Form Online

This is a guide on how to leverage the PDFTron WebViewer and the WebViewer Full API to embed a fast and user-friendly, pure client-side form builder into your web application. You can watch how easy our…

Apr 12 2019


How to Add a PDF or MS Office Document Viewer to Salesforce as a Lightning Web Component

At PDFTron, we’ve worked with many clients who use Salesforce’s full-featured app framework to develop apps accessing the wealth of information stored in Salesforce databases. However, a number of these…

Mar 11 2019


Streaming a PDF From the Web to a Mobile or Desktop App

Users want to work quickly wherever they are, even when working remotely. Yet viewing PDFs remotely is not always pleasant. To stream PDFs to a browser, the PDFs must often first load fully before they can…

Feb 20 2019


Editing PDFs Programmatically in the Browser

Although WebViewer is often used for document viewing and annotating, you might not realize that it also exposes a full PDF editing and manipulation API that previously would only have been possible on the…

Feb 15 2019



pdf.js: Interesting Project, Incorrect Rendering

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in 2015. Read our Comprehensive Guide to PDF.js Rendeirng for a revamped overview of PDF.js rendering accuracy and possible implications for your project…

Nov 24 2015



How To Integrate a PDF Viewer into HTML5 Apps

HTML5 apps offer many advantages over native ones. Web apps are: Naturally cross-platform: develop once, run on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and everything else. Easy to update the app for everyone…

Aug 8 2013

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