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A is for Archival: Your Complete Guide to Leveraging PDF/A for Compliance and Preservation

In this post, get all your PDF/A FAQs answered in one place. Learn about the difference between PDF and PDF/A, how to convert to PDF/A manually or programmatically, how to validate compliant PDF/A, and much more.

Oct 19 2022



How to Pick the Right Version of PDF/A

Before you convert files to PDF/A, your conversion software will require that you pick a PDF/A standard and conformance level. The differences between PDF/A-2b and PDF/A-2a, or PDF/A-1b and PDF/A-3b, for…

Jan 18 2019


What are the Different Versions of PDF/A?

Organizations prefer PDF/A for its industry acceptance and advantages over other archiving formats in terms of its ability to preserve text, vector graphics, raster images and related metadata…

Jan 16 2019


How to Create ZUGFeRD-valid Invoices with PDFTron

The ZUGFeRD standard makes the sharing of payment information between entities large and small a lot simpler. However, building a program to automatically generate ZUGFeRD compliant invoices is a little…

Jan 10 2019


How to Batch Convert to PDF/A with PDFTron

If you’re working with hundreds or thousands of files, you need a way to convert to PDF/A as quickly and conveniently as possible. This post will show you how you can accomplish this using PDFTron’s easy…

Jan 7 2019



How to Convert PDF to PDF/A with PDFTron

It is possible to convert from PDF to PDF/A in multiple different ways, using many different solutions. If you’re interested in converting a small number of PDF files to PDF/A, look no further than PDFTron…

Dec 11 2018



All About PDF/A

What is PDF/A? PDF/A (as in Archive) is a special variant of PDF that has been designed specifically for long term document preservation. Initially released in 2005 and based on PDF 1.4, the specification…

Sept 5 2013

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