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Benchmark: How Reliable is PDF.js Versus a PDF.js Alternative?

If your users share documents in a high-stakes, fast-paced environment, they may need their PDFs to open quickly and flawlessly. PDF.js, Mozilla’s open-source JavaScript library, offers one way for them to…

Sept 13 2019


Guide to Evaluating PDF.js Rendering

Around 2011, a team of Mozilla engineers set out to discover whether a browser-native PDF renderer written on a web platform would allow web technologies to “subsume” PDF. That ambition led to PDF.js. An…

Sept 10 2019


PDF.js: Build vs Buy

Performing due diligence on commercial software can be demanding in its own right. You’re working under pressure to get the project to market as soon as possible -- but the consequences of a wrong decision…

Aug 30 2019


Guide to Evaluating PDF.js

If you view a PDF embedded in a web page, you would likely use the browser’s built-in PDF reader. On Firefox, that’s PDF.js, a popular open-source JavaScript library published by Mozilla in 2011. PDF.js…

Aug 9 2019



pdf.js: Interesting Project, Incorrect Rendering

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in 2015. Read our Comprehensive Guide to PDF.js Rendeirng for a revamped overview of PDF.js rendering accuracy and possible implications for your project…

Nov 24 2015

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