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Cross-Platform Word to PDF Conversion

View and Convert Microsoft Word Documents Anywhere We’re very pleased to announce the launch of the newest addition to PDFTron SDK: built-in Word conversion. Now you can go straight from .docx to .pdf…

Sept 8 2015



A Simple Example of Converting PDF to HTML

We have received lots of interest in our new PDF to HTML/EPUB conversion since it was released in PDFNet 6.0. With this interest we have also gotten questions on customizing the output. So today I’ll…

May 25 2014


Table Extraction and PDF to XML With PDFGenie

Intro Why is PDF so popular and what is its Achilles’ foot? How difficult is it to extract a table from PDF? What is the best tool to extract structure from PDF? PDF Liberation Hackathon PDFGenie…

Mar 2 2014

PDFTron live tech update & run-through: Jan 20th at 11 am PT