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Introducing WebViewer Collaboration - Rapid Integration for PDF Document Collaboration

In a pandemic-altered world where digital collaboration has become the norm, providing a seamless, secure collaborative experience to your users on their documents can add a large amount of value to your…

Mar 15 2021



Secure Collaboration on Engineering Documents - PDF Day 2018 Presentation

PDFTron was pleased to present at the PDF Association's recently held PDF Day conference in Washington, DC, where I presented about Secure Collaboration on Engineering Documents. As PDFs move from the…

Aug 20 2018



Collaborating with PDF

PDFTron was pleased to present at the PDF Association‘s recently held PDFDay conference in Washington, DC and New York City. James Borthwick, a member of our development team, presented a talk on…

Mar 16 2015



Working with PDF RichMedia Annotations

RichMedia annotations can be used to embed videos and sound files in PDF documents. When opened in a compliant reader, the user can play them back directly as part of the page content, usually by just…

Sept 11 2013


Document Collaboration With PDFNet

Introduction PDFNet makes sharing annotations easy by offering an simple way to import and export annotations. The annotations are saved in a standardized XML format, XFDF. This makes the annotations easy…

Jul 19 2013

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