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How to Build a Document Signing App for Android

Remotely signing and sending important documents like contracts often takes more than it should. You may have to open the document and change the format in one application, then sign in another, or rely on…

Jun 15 2021



How to Build an Android Document Scanner App with OCR

Document scanner apps are one of the more popular tools that make smart use of mobile device features, like the built-in camera and touch-screen, to make scanning both convenient and practical for…

Oct 23 2020



How to Add a PDF Viewer to an Android Jetpack Compose App

This year at the Android Dev Summit Google released the first canary of Android Studio 4.0. One of the biggest changes is the built-in support for Jetpack Compose, a declarative UI toolkit for building…

Nov 7 2019


How to Create Fillable PDF Forms on Android

This is a guide on how to leverage the PDFTron Android SDK to embed a fast and user-friendly form builder into your Android application. Background PDF provides a robust set of interactive form features…

Aug 20 2019


Customize the UI in Android Document Collaboration App

In a separate blog post, we created a real-time document collaboration app using Firebase and PDFTron's Android PDF SDK. This lets many users view the same document at the same time and communicate via…

May 1 2019


How to Build an Android App for Document Collaboration with Firebase

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a real-time document collaboration app using the PDFTron Android SDK and Firebase. This will let many users view the same PDF, Office or image file at the…

Apr 30 2019



How to Build an Android PDF Viewer Using Java

In order to let users view PDF documents in an Android app, it's common practice to defer this functionality to a third-party app on the user’s device. By doing so, developers won't have to build their own…

Nov 21 2018


How to View a PDF in Xamarin.Forms Using PDFTron

Xamarin.Forms provides the ability to build fully native Android, iOS and Universal Windows Platforms apps using C#. In this article, you will learn how to display a PDF in a fully featured document viewer…

Oct 23 2018



Mobile Cross-Platform PDF Viewers: Options for Android, iOS, Windows Store (UWP) Apps

The rise of mobile platforms, each with its own native programming language and API, has created new demand for cross-platform development tools and SDKs. To display a PDF, most cross-platform toolkits…

Feb 3 2014

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