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How to Build a Flutter PDF Viewer

This guide shows you your options to build a Flutter PDF viewer and your potential best path forward towards a professional solution.

Jan 12 2023



How to Embed PDF Files or a PDF Viewer in an HTML Website

This blog discusses the three options for embedding PDF files or a PDF viewer in a website that are available to you, starting with the simplest and ending with the PDF viewing bells and whistles.

Dec 22 2022


How to Extract Text from PDFs Using Python

A tutorial on how to extract text from a PDF using Python and the PDFTron SDK for machine learning.

Dec 8 2022


How Can I Tell What’s Inside a PDF? Raster, Vector, Text?

Learn about the content types you find in PDFs and discover tricks & toolsfor figuring out what’s inside your PDF – raster, vector, or text?

Nov 24 2022


PDF Rendering and Viewing: What is the Difference?

In this post, learn about the difference between PDF rendering and PDF viewing, and how the PDFTron PDF SDK unpacks your PDFs for display in a viewer application.

Nov 8 2022


Open Source or Proprietary — What PDF Viewer Engine is Right for My Application?

A comparison of PDF viewer library options and tips on how to decide which PDF rendering and viewing alternative is best for your application. Open source or proprietary?

Oct 31 2022


How to Streamline On-platform Redaction and Document Processing for Appian Case Management

In this post, learn how you can add professional document processing and redaction in Appian's case management framework.

Oct 26 2022


How to Validate Digital Signatures in PDF Using JavaScript

A quick tutorial on how to validate a digital signatures in PDF using WebViewer and display validation results without users having to leave their web apps.

Oct 26 2022


A is for Archival: Your Complete Guide to Leveraging PDF/A for Compliance and Preservation

In this post, get all your PDF/A FAQs answered in one place. Learn about the difference between PDF and PDF/A, how to convert to PDF/A manually or programmatically, how to validate compliant PDF/A, and much more.

Oct 19 2022


How to View XLSX in a Vue Web App

This blog post describes how to open XLSX documents in a Vue web app and much more with PDFTron WebViewer.

Jul 27 2022


How to View XLSX in an Angular Web App

This article describes how to open XLSX documents in an Angular web app and so much more with PDFTron WebViewer.

Jul 25 2022


How to View PPTX Documents in a Vue Web App

A description of how to open PPTX documents in a Vue web app and so much more with PDFTron WebViewer.

Jul 20 2022


How to View PPTX Documents in an Angular Web App

Learn to open PPTX files in an Angular web app and more using PDFTron WebViewer.

Jul 18 2022


How to View DOCX in an Angular Web App

We explain how to open DOCX in an Angular viewer and so much more with PDFTron WebViewer.

Jul 13 2022


How to View XLSX Documents in a React Web App

A description of opening XLSX documents in a React web app with PDFTron WebViewer.

Jul 11 2022


How to Open DOCX in a Vue Web App

Open DOCX files in a Vue web app and more with PDFTron WebViewer.

Jul 11 2022


A Comprehensive Guide to PDF Annotations with JavaScript

This article discusses what PDF annotations with JavaScript are, and how to add them to your solution.

Jun 29 2022


How to View PPTX in a React Web App

A summarization of how to open PPTX documents in a React web app with PDFTron WebViewer.

Jun 23 2022


How to Add Accurate PDF to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Conversion to Any Application

In this article, we take a glimpse at the full PDF-to-Office workflow, and how to help your users to edit effectively in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with an accurate Office conversion SDK supporting the entire document lifecycle.

Jun 15 2022


How to View DOCX in a React Web App

We explain how to open DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX in a React web app and so much more with PDFTron WebViewer.

Jun 7 2022


How to View, Edit, and Annotate PDFs in Microsoft Teams

This blog shows you how easy it is to add full-fledged PDF document viewer, annotator, and editor to Microsoft Teams as a Teams App using PDFTron's WebViewer sample.

May 10 2022


Our Comparison Tests for PDF Table Detection and Extraction Are Done – and the Results Are Compelling!

This blog explores how PDFTron's new, AI-based table detection and extraction system compared to three other leading commercial systems in accurately detecting tables and table content in PDFs. We cover our tests, methodology, and results.

Apr 27 2022


Comparing PDF and Word Documents with Semantic Comparison

Your users need a reliable and intuitive tool to compare PDF and Word documents, many of them complex and sizable. Your solution to review and compare a large number of PDF files therefore needs to be easy…

Feb 16 2022


How to Review and Approve Documents Natively in a Salesforce App

Content marketing materials, product catalogs, or any digital content produced generally require a review and approval process to be compliant. Proofing these documents using alternative methods such as…

Feb 7 2022


How to Generate DOCX and Save as a PDF

In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to generate an Office Word or DOCX document programmatically and then either download it or display it in PDFTron’s WebViewer. Everything to…

Jan 10 2022



How to Add PDF Viewing and Editing in Appian Designer

Appian is a powerful, low-code platform that allows you to build complex workflows and apps. In almost every workflow you can fathom, documents tend to play a central role. Knowing this, we’ve partnered up…

Dec 29 2021


How to Build a Typesafe PDF Viewer with React Native and TypeScript

TypeScript is one of the most popular and fastest-growing flavors of JavaScript, and with good reason: as a superset of JavaScript, TypeScript is easy to learn and ease to use; more importantly, TypeScript…

Dec 16 2021


How to Automate Onboarding Processes in Salesforce Without Reliance on an External Signing Service

Typically, building a professional onboarding workflow on Salesforce requires multiple components and external services to get the job done. But if you're looking to incorporate 100% Salesforce-native…

Dec 3 2021


How to Manage and Create Contracts in Salesforce using WebViewer (Complete Guide)

Ever wondered if you could create PDF contracts from Salesforce®, with no server required? Well, in this article, we share a simple, secure method of Salesforce contract generation -- PDFTron WebViewer…

Nov 23 2021


How to Generate PDF Documents in the Browser

While document generation has been a standard component of our complete, native document software toolkit for a long, long time, we recently made it a lot easier to leverage our fast SDK to create…

Nov 18 2021


Document Generation for Remote Employees and Teams

Introduction The last decade has seen a tremendous growth in employees working from home. But what started as a trend quickly became a necessity to continue daily business during the COVID-19 pandemic…

Nov 3 2021


How to Make FOIA Request and Redaction Workflows 100% Salesforce-Native, Efficient, and Safe

When managing documents on Salesforce, it’s easy to pull, organize, and store them. Still, when it comes to interacting with the document, including editing or filling in information, there are gaps in the…

Oct 13 2021


How to Square the Security, User Experience, and Time-to-Market Triangle

Part 4 in a series for product managers looking to accelerate their time to market when adding new document & digital content capabilities Governments around the world are speaking out in droves about…

Sept 29 2021


How to Open PDF and MS Office Files in React JS

As of writing, React is the most popular framework according to StackOverflow Insights. By a healthy margin: Stack Overflow graph comparing JS framework popularity We've also worked a lot with React at…

Sept 11 2021


How to Keep Product, Design, and Development in Sync When Implementing a Viewer UI Design

Part 3 of a guide for product managers & leaders to help accelerate their time to market. Once an MVP gets ideated and a pre-built solution or intention to implement one is in place, all teams involved…

Sept 8 2021


Building Offset-Based and Cursor-Based Pagination in GraphQL

Working for PDFTron, I’ve had the pleasure of building various APIs using GraphQL. And one aspect that persists across our projects is the need to retrieve data one page at a time to avoid massive amounts…

Aug 16 2021


How to Design the Perfect, Minimum-Viable Document Experience for Your App

Part 2 of a guide for product managers & leaders to help accelerate their time to market The minimum viable product (MVP) concept gives founders and established businesses alike a simple idea to…

Aug 13 2021


What Is a Video Annotation?

Video annotations are comments, shapes, or drawings placed on top of a video frame or a video frame range. Unfortunately, there is currently no specification for how a video should be annotated or even for…

Jul 28 2021


How to Engage and Keep Users In-App by Improving the Document Experience

Part 1 of a guide for product managers & leaders to help accelerate their time to market If you’re a software company product manager, you know the deal. You need to get new features to market in step with…

Jul 22 2021


Automated Table Detection and Extraction with

PDFTron's Artificial Intelligence platform uses deep learning methods to extract complex tables accurately and outputs in multiple formats. Now there’s an easier way to get meaningful tabular data out of…

Jul 19 2021


How to Create a PDF Document From Scratch

Whether sharing documents with companies, clients, or co-workers, the standard is the Portable Document Format (PDF). A PDF file is independently functioning, and doesn’t rely on any particular browser…

Jul 7 2021


How to Build a Document Signing App for Android

Remotely signing and sending important documents like contracts often takes more than it should. You may have to open the document and change the format in one application, then sign in another, or rely on…

Jun 15 2021


Secure and Serverless Dynamic Document Generation by Industry

PDFTron provides fast and easy solutions that remove human error and transform how business professionals automate the creation of millions of documents across all industries. Create invoices, contracts…

Jun 15 2021


Building a Webpage Annotation and Collaboration Solution

With the pandemic-accelerated shift towards a digital-first economy, the company website has become more critical than ever to lead and sales generation, support, service, and customer success. As a result…

Jun 8 2021


Automating Document Generation in Salesforce

For a while now, we've enjoyed working with partners worldwide inventing cool, new solutions on top of Salesforce tailored to particular industries. And one commonly asked-for feature by these clients was…

Jun 2 2021


Automated Article Extraction from PDFs with

The amount and variety of documents shared worldwide has increased exponentially. Organizations need ways to make sense of all this content faster with technology to automate its understanding and filter…

Apr 15 2021


How to Generate a PDF with JavaScript

A very common requirement for web applications is a way to generate PDFs and make them available for download. This is typically to produce invoices, tickets, sales contracts, reports, and other documents…

Mar 14 2021


How We Secure our Digital Signature Validation in PDF

Five months ago, we announced the release of trailblazing features for digital signing workflows. Realizing developers needed a digital signature solution they could trust, we introduced a secure-by…

Mar 11 2021


How to Collaborate on and Review Video Files in Salesforce

Today, more and more businesses use video as a means to educate, connect, and market to target audiences, thanks to the rapid spread of new ways of creating and sharing videos online. Our WebViewer Video…

Mar 3 2021


Should I Rewrite my .NET Application?

A ton of applications currently run on the .NET framework, first developed by Microsoft in 2002. But with its final major update in April 2019, only small .NET patches are planned from here on out…

Feb 10 2021


How to Populate Record Data into PDF Forms in Salesforce

Many Salesforce users would like an automated flow to populate fields in document templates with Salesforce data -- whether to send auto-filled letters to customers or quickly sign their internal documents…

Feb 8 2021


How to View, Edit, Annotate and Redact Salesforce Record Attachment Files in a Lightning Web Component

At PDFTron, many clients approached us looking for an end-to-end document solution for their Salesforce applications -- one that could handle their most commonly used document file types and integrate…

Jan 12 2021



How to Build an Android Document Scanner App with OCR

Document scanner apps are one of the more popular tools that make smart use of mobile device features, like the built-in camera and touch-screen, to make scanning both convenient and practical for…

Oct 23 2020


How to Export XFDF Annotations from PDF

XFDF is an XML-based format and stands for XML Forms Data Format. Like other PDF components, XFDF serves many possible uses. It’s most commonly used to exchange PDF annotations and form data between…

Oct 21 2020


How to Build a Cross-Platform PDF Viewer with React and React Native

React Native is an open source framework for building native mobile apps using JavaScript. Being a popular choice for mobile apps, it compiles the JavaScript components into native components to provide…

Oct 14 2020


How to Generate, Stamp and Read Barcodes in a PDF with PDFTron SDK

Barcode can be used to represent a user’s data into a visual pattern that can be scanned, interpreted, and incorporated into a database. Barcodes are useful when information needs to be easily accessible…

Oct 9 2020


How To Search Multiple Word & PDF Documents Using JavaScript

In most document management systems, searches only use the title or metadata of documents. But the title and metadata do not always reflect what's inside. As a result, users must open and scan documents…

Jul 27 2020


How to Add a PDF & MS Office Viewer to a Mac Catalyst App

In this article we describe how to use the PDFTron Mac Catalyst PDF SDK for adding a PDF and MS Office document viewer to your iOS and Mac app using Mac Catalyst, Apple's cross-platform technology…

Jul 22 2020


Convert Office & DOCX Files to PDF with Node.js

Express or Express.js is described as a flexible framework for building web apps and APIs, as well as the de facto standard server framework for Node.js. Leveraging Express and Node.js enables devs to add…

Apr 24 2020


How to Edit & Manipulate PDFs With React

In this post, we’ll walk you through how to create a simple web app that will let users download a PDF and reorganize its pages. Here’s what it looks like: The toolkit we’re using includes a handful of…

Feb 27 2020


Automating Document Redaction in a Web App using JavaScript

As a commercial PDF SDK vendor, we work with many customers who seek to replace outdated manual redaction methods by streamlining redaction within a PDF-based review & approval or virtual data room app…

Feb 12 2020


Building a Cross-Platform PDF and MS Office File Viewer with Flutter

Flutter is an open-source framework by Google for building native mobile apps. Flutter compiles Dart widgets into native components to provide users the fluid look and feel of traditional native apps. And…

Feb 9 2020



How to Add a PDF Viewer to an Android Jetpack Compose App

This year at the Android Dev Summit Google released the first canary of Android Studio 4.0. One of the biggest changes is the built-in support for Jetpack Compose, a declarative UI toolkit for building…

Nov 7 2019


PDF SDK Evaluation Checklist

You’re ready to add PDF functionality to your software. But as you race to get your project underway, you have yet to complete technical due diligence -- the process of analyzing and evaluating PDF SDKs to…

Oct 31 2019


The Hidden Costs of Choosing the Wrong PDF Library

You plan to embed PDF functionality into an application. But before you dive into the project, you must decide: do you go with a more expensive commercial PDF SDK -- or a lower-cost alternative such as an…

Oct 16 2019


Benchmark: How Reliable is PDF.js Versus a PDF.js Alternative?

If your users share documents in a high-stakes, fast-paced environment, they may need their PDFs to open quickly and flawlessly. PDF.js, Mozilla’s open-source JavaScript library, offers one way for them to…

Sept 13 2019


Guide to Evaluating PDF.js Rendering

Around 2011, a team of Mozilla engineers set out to discover whether a browser-native PDF renderer written on a web platform would allow web technologies to “subsume” PDF. That ambition led to PDF.js. An…

Sept 10 2019


How to Build a PDF Viewer With TypeScript and PDF.js

Back-end developers love the safety provided by static type checking languages such as Java and C#. Front-end developers, in contrast, have long been stuck with the pros and cons of JavaScript, a dynamic…

Sept 3 2019


PDF.js: Build vs Buy

Performing due diligence on commercial software can be demanding in its own right. You’re working under pressure to get the project to market as soon as possible -- but the consequences of a wrong decision…

Aug 30 2019


How To Build a PDF Viewer With Blazor

Blazor is an upcoming web framework that allows you to build interactive web UIs with C# and use .NET Core packages in your backend. If you're interested in integrating a Blazor PDF viewer for PDF and MS…

Aug 23 2019


How to Create Fillable PDF Forms on Android

This is a guide on how to leverage the PDFTron Android SDK to embed a fast and user-friendly form builder into your Android application. Background PDF provides a robust set of interactive form features…

Aug 20 2019


WebAssembly vs. PNaCl Performance Benchmark

At PDFTron, we seek to provide customers the fastest way to view, annotate, form-fill, and edit documents across every platform. Thus when we move to a new technology, we must find out how well it performs…

Aug 16 2019


Guide to Evaluating PDF.js

If you view a PDF embedded in a web page, you would likely use the browser’s built-in PDF reader. On Firefox, that’s PDF.js, a popular open-source JavaScript library published by Mozilla in 2011. PDF.js…

Aug 9 2019


How to Open 1GB+ PDFs in a Mobile or Browser App

Having the option to render documents client-side has many pluses: it’s simpler and more secure than relying on server-side rendering, it scales better, and it opens the door to superior local and offline…

Jun 14 2019


What is PDF Linearization?

PDF “Fast Web View” or Linearization is a way of optimizing PDFs so they can be streamed into a client application in similar fashion to Youtube videos. This helps remote, online documents open almost…

Jun 11 2019


How to Add a PDF Viewer to a SwiftUI App

In this article we describe how to add a PDF viewer to your iOS app using SwiftUI, Apple's declarative UI framework announced at WWDC 2019. Getting started Integrating the PDFTron iOS SDK for a project…

Jun 5 2019


Customize the UI in Android Document Collaboration App

In a separate blog post, we created a real-time document collaboration app using Firebase and PDFTron's Android PDF SDK. This lets many users view the same document at the same time and communicate via…

May 1 2019


How to Build an Android App for Document Collaboration with Firebase

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a real-time document collaboration app using the PDFTron Android SDK and Firebase. This will let many users view the same PDF, Office or image file at the…

Apr 30 2019


How to Add Annotations to PDFs Using Swift and PDFKit

In this article we describe how to add text highlight and ink drawing annotations to a PDF using Swift with PDFKit, Apple's built-in PDF SDK introduced in iOS 11. For info on getting started with PDFKit…

Apr 25 2019


How to Display Microsoft Office Files in Angular

In this blog, we'll show how to view Microsoft Office files in Angular using the PDFTron WebViewer. This includes accurate, reliable, and fast support for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats…

Apr 17 2019


How to Convert a Scanned PDF to a Fillable Form Online

This is a guide on how to leverage the PDFTron WebViewer and the WebViewer Full API to embed a fast and user-friendly, pure client-side form builder into your web application. You can watch how easy our…

Apr 12 2019


How to Add a PDF or MS Office Document Viewer to Salesforce as a Lightning Web Component

At PDFTron, we’ve worked with many clients who use Salesforce’s full-featured app framework to develop apps accessing the wealth of information stored in Salesforce databases. However, a number of these…

Mar 11 2019


How to Create a PDF Using Node, React PDF Generator, and Headless Chrome

Google's Puppeteer is a Node API that allows you to control an instance of Chrome using a Node service. Leveraging this technology, we are easily able to use Node to generate PDFs using any Javascript…

Feb 27 2019


Streaming a PDF From the Web to a Mobile or Desktop App

Users want to work quickly wherever they are, even when working remotely. Yet viewing PDFs remotely is not always pleasant. To stream PDFs to a browser, the PDFs must often first load fully before they can…

Feb 20 2019


Editing PDFs Programmatically in the Browser

Although WebViewer is often used for document viewing and annotating, you might not realize that it also exposes a full PDF editing and manipulation API that previously would only have been possible on the…

Feb 15 2019


How to Build Fast PDF Web Viewing with Linearization and Flattening

People turn to PDF for its ability to bring a lot of information together onto a single page. A PDF document can store text, vector graphics and fonts, raster images, and much more, and users can…

Feb 12 2019


How to Add a PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Viewer to a Flutter App

When Google first released their mysterious Fuchsia OS in 2016, it was claimed that it could run on virtually anything -- from a smartwatch to your car’s dashboard entertainment system -- setting the stage…

Feb 8 2019


How to Pick the Right Version of PDF/A

Before you convert files to PDF/A, your conversion software will require that you pick a PDF/A standard and conformance level. The differences between PDF/A-2b and PDF/A-2a, or PDF/A-1b and PDF/A-3b, for…

Jan 18 2019


What are the Different Versions of PDF/A?

Organizations prefer PDF/A for its industry acceptance and advantages over other archiving formats in terms of its ability to preserve text, vector graphics, raster images and related metadata…

Jan 16 2019


How to Create ZUGFeRD-valid Invoices with PDFTron

The ZUGFeRD standard makes the sharing of payment information between entities large and small a lot simpler. However, building a program to automatically generate ZUGFeRD compliant invoices is a little…

Jan 10 2019


How to Batch Convert to PDF/A with PDFTron

If you’re working with hundreds or thousands of files, you need a way to convert to PDF/A as quickly and conveniently as possible. This post will show you how you can accomplish this using PDFTron’s easy…

Jan 7 2019



How to Convert PDF to PDF/A with PDFTron

It is possible to convert from PDF to PDF/A in multiple different ways, using many different solutions. If you’re interested in converting a small number of PDF files to PDF/A, look no further than PDFTron…

Dec 11 2018


How to Generate PDFs With Ruby on Rails

The best approach for generating PDFs in Rails really depends on the types of PDFs you need to generate. This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for Rails PDF generation by using wkhtmltopdf, an…

Nov 28 2018


Build an Angular PDF Viewer with PDF.js

In this post, we'll demonstrate how to display PDFs in Angular 5+ using the PDF.js-based ng2-pdf-viewer component, and then wrapping it with a custom UI. Here's what it looks like: The Angular PDF Viewer…

Nov 26 2018


How to Build a PDF Viewer with AngularJS and PDF.js

This post will show you how to add a simple PDF viewer to your AngularJS app with PDF.js and the angularjs-pdf directive. You can use Angular to display a PDF from an API and match your app's look-and-feel…

Nov 23 2018


How to Build an Android PDF Viewer Using Java

In order to let users view PDF documents in an Android app, it's common practice to defer this functionality to a third-party app on the user’s device. By doing so, developers won't have to build their own…

Nov 21 2018


How to Build a PDF Viewer with Electron and PDF.js

Electron is an open-source framework that allows you to create cross platform desktop applications using web technology. This post will go over how to implement PDF.js into an Electron app to build your…

Nov 2 2018


How to Display Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Files on Xamarin.Forms

It's possible to display Office documents in a Xamarin app without using a server, Microsoft Office license, or other third party software. The PDFTron PDF SDK will convert Office files to PDF directly in…

Nov 2 2018


How to Add a Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Viewer to an Android App

Adding a seamless Word, Excel, and PowerPoint document viewer to Android apps is easy with the PDFTron PDF SDK. No need for a server, Microsoft Office license, or other third party software. With PDFTron's…

Oct 31 2018


Adding a Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Viewer to an iOS App

Adding a seamless Word, Excel, and PowerPoint viewer to iOS apps is made simple with the PDFTron PDF SDK. Office files are converted directly to PDF in the client, and then displayed with a PDF viewer. No…

Oct 29 2018


How to Add a PDF Viewer to Your App Using Swift and PDFKit

In this article, we describe how to add a PDF viewer to your iOS app using a Swift PDF library with PDFKit, Apple's built-in PDF SDK introduced in iOS 11. PDFKit uses an app to make PDFs. The PDFKit…

Oct 24 2018


How to View a PDF in Xamarin.Forms Using PDFTron

Xamarin.Forms provides the ability to build fully native Android, iOS and Universal Windows Platforms apps using C#. In this article, you will learn how to display a PDF in a fully featured document viewer…

Oct 23 2018


How to Build a PDF Viewer with React Native PDF

This tutorial addresses how to use React Native to display or preview PDFs for both Android and iOS users. What is React Native? React Native is an open source framework for building native mobile apps…

Oct 22 2018


How to Build a React PDF Viewer with PDF.js

React components are chunks of isolated code that can easily be shared across your entire UI, and even across multiple projects. This post will go over how to create a React PDF viewer component that you…

Oct 17 2018


How To Reduce Development Costs With a Xamarin and .NET Core PDF SDK

Apple. Samsung. Android. Windows Phone. Nokia. Blackberry. The mobile marketplace is filled with choices. And today’s end-users expect to have their mobile apps work the same, whatever their device. Now…

Oct 1 2018


Secure Collaboration on Engineering Documents - PDF Day 2018 Presentation

PDFTron was pleased to present at the PDF Association's recently held PDF Day conference in Washington, DC, where I presented about Secure Collaboration on Engineering Documents. As PDFs move from the…

Aug 20 2018



Semantic Content Recognition in PDF

Semantic content recognition is the ability to identify components of a document by their “class” – that is if any particular content constitutes a title, subtitle, section, paragraph, word, figure…

Jan 7 2016



pdf.js: Interesting Project, Incorrect Rendering

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in 2015. Read our Comprehensive Guide to PDF.js Rendeirng for a revamped overview of PDF.js rendering accuracy and possible implications for your project…

Nov 24 2015


Cross-Platform Word to PDF Conversion

View and Convert Microsoft Word Documents Anywhere We’re very pleased to announce the launch of the newest addition to PDFTron SDK: built-in Word conversion. Now you can go straight from .docx to .pdf…

Sept 8 2015


Collaborating with PDF

PDFTron was pleased to present at the PDF Association‘s recently held PDFDay conference in Washington, DC and New York City. James Borthwick, a member of our development team, presented a talk on…

Mar 16 2015



PDFNet for .Net and AnyCPU

In a previous post we announced the availability of PDFNet in Nuget, and also discussed how we made PDFNet work with the AnyCPU configuration. Feedback for the AnyCPU setup has been great, but our users…

Dec 1 2014


Using PDFNet From a Swift Project on iOS

PDFNet is easy to use with a Swift project. This post will show how to set up a new Swift project and display a PDF. This post will show you the basics of starting a new Swift project that uses PDFNet. For…

Sept 22 2014


A Simple Example of Converting PDF to HTML

We have received lots of interest in our new PDF to HTML/EPUB conversion since it was released in PDFNet 6.0. With this interest we have also gotten questions on customizing the output. So today I’ll…

May 25 2014


Table Extraction and PDF to XML With PDFGenie

Intro Why is PDF so popular and what is its Achilles’ foot? How difficult is it to extract a table from PDF? What is the best tool to extract structure from PDF? PDF Liberation Hackathon PDFGenie…

Mar 2 2014


PDF SDK Bindings for PHP, Python, and Ruby

PDFTron open sources PDFNet language bindings for PHP, Python, and Ruby. We are happy to announce that the source code for the PHP, Python, and Ruby bindings for PDFNet are now open source. This is in…

Feb 28 2014


Mobile Cross-Platform PDF Viewers: Options for Android, iOS, Windows Store (UWP) Apps

The rise of mobile platforms, each with its own native programming language and API, has created new demand for cross-platform development tools and SDKs. To display a PDF, most cross-platform toolkits…

Feb 3 2014


Exception Handling in PDFNet for Windows Store apps

Starting with PDFNet SDK 6.2.0-BETA for Windows Store apps, it is now possible to get more useful error messages when PDFNet throws exceptions. Due to limitations of the COM API boundary, only System…

Feb 3 2014



High Quality EPUB / HTML From PDF

Want to create high quality, fixed layout EPUBs from a PDF? Or simply want to show a PDF file in the browser, taking full advantage of the power of HTML and the browser? Or maybe you just want a simple way…

Nov 15 2013


Working with PDF RichMedia Annotations

RichMedia annotations can be used to embed videos and sound files in PDF documents. When opened in a compliant reader, the user can play them back directly as part of the page content, usually by just…

Sept 11 2013


All About PDF/A

What is PDF/A? PDF/A (as in Archive) is a special variant of PDF that has been designed specifically for long term document preservation. Initially released in 2005 and based on PDF 1.4, the specification…

Sept 5 2013


How To Integrate a PDF Viewer into HTML5 Apps

HTML5 apps offer many advantages over native ones. Web apps are: Naturally cross-platform: develop once, run on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and everything else. Easy to update the app for everyone…

Aug 8 2013


Creating Thumbnails of PDF Pages

A common question we receive from our customers is how do I create thumbnails of a PDF document? The best class to use for this is PDFDraw, which rasterizes* PDF pages one at a time, and provides methods…

Jul 20 2013


Document Collaboration With PDFNet

Introduction PDFNet makes sharing annotations easy by offering an simple way to import and export annotations. The annotations are saved in a standardized XML format, XFDF. This makes the annotations easy…

Jul 19 2013

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