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2021 at PDFTron in Review

From our most significant strategic growth investment yet to three technology acquisitions, plus dozens of new features and functionalities rolled out across all platforms – 2021 was another thrilling year…

Jan 18 2022


2021 Wrap Up – Our Acquisition Partnerships

The document industry is undergoing a fast transformation, and it's clear, we've got a lot of good things to talk about. Our company has seen two significant growth investments in two years, fueling six…

Jan 4 2022



2021 Wrap Up - Top 5 Cutting-Edge New Features

2021 was another exciting year here at PDFTron. We unveiled several brand new and improved features through dozens of product releases to make your document experience and professional reviews of content…

Dec 14 2021


2021 Wrap Up - Our Best Customer Stories of The Year

2021 was no less challenging than its predecessor. At PDFTron, as elsewhere, we had to adapt our business environment to pandemic uncertainty as we continued in our mission to drive customer success with…

Dec 6 2021


How PDFTron Helped Startup Navigate 500% Pandemic User Sign-up Growth

"In PDFTron, we found a partner that isn't going to just disappear. It's a benefit to us to find the most reliable partner in the market, not just because of their insights into several key industry…

Sept 24 2021


First Business Bank Fast-Tracks Transformation with Salesforce + PDFTron for Document Generation

“PDFTron helped development in our organization move significantly faster and greatly reduced the time we spent building templates for collecting information,” ~ First Business Bank's Manager of…

Jul 7 2021


Recover Health Rolls Out a Cross-platform, COVID-safe Form Fill App in just 24 Days

Recover Health is on a mission: To make health care at home safer through innovation Recover Health is a Medicare-certified and industry-leading home health agency. Its 1,500 employees -- including nurses…

Mar 31 2021



How Egress Powers “Barrier-Free” Document Features in its Human Layer Security Platform

In today's world, organizations seek to empower their employees to share sensitive information between stakeholders online, such as medical records and financial statements. And helping organizations…

Dec 9 2020


How Drawboard Reinvents Global Design and Construction Team Collaboration using PDFTron

Overview: Drawboard successfully partners with PDFTron for key PDF drawing markup and document processing functionality, enabling teams worldwide to collaborate on all their design project documents in…

Nov 28 2020


SS&C Intralinks' VDR Offering Enhanced with Secure, Web-Based Redaction from PDFTron

SS&C Intralinks pioneered the first Virtual Data Room (VDR) in 2002 to empower M&A teams on either side of the bargaining table to share sensitive electronic files securely and in a controlled manner. Over…

Nov 4 2020


Bluescape Enables a Scalable, Secure Document Collaboration Platform with PDFTron

Today, enterprises and governments seek to empower remote teamwork and productivity by transforming the collection of disconnected apps teams typically rely on to power their virtual collaborations…

Oct 14 2020


Success Story: Encode Uses PDFTron to Create Competitive Advantage for its Marketing Productivity Platform

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Odense, Denmark, Encode is a worldwide marketing productivity software provider. Its innovative, adaptable platform solves various commercial and content challenges, to…

Aug 26 2020


Success Story: How Uniscope used PDFTron to Power Collaboration on Aviation Manuals

In addition to the flight crews, the work of ensuring commercial aircraft take off and land safely falls to a support cast of professionals. These staff, including crews on the tarmac and those in the…

May 19 2020


Success Story: Spielberg Delivers World-class ECM with PDFTron SDK

Spielberg Solutions GmbH has invested over fifty years into building and maintaining Enterprise Electronic Content Management systems. During that time, the German market leader has stayed at the forefront…

Apr 15 2020



Success Story: CCS Delivers Fast & Reliable PDF Rendering Using PDFTron SDK

For more than 30 years, Construction Computer Software (CCS) delivered innovative solutions empowering companies to increase productivity and visibility, and manage risk across engineering & construction…

Jan 25 2019



Success Story: OEC Graphics Partners with PDFTron to Upgrade its FUSION UX

OEC Graphics, the largest privately held premedia company in North America, knows what it takes to stay ahead. Since OEC opened its doors in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1912, constant innovation has been…

Dec 21 2018


Success Story: How Kalsefer Streamlined Cross-Platform DRM Security With PDFTron SDK

Kalsefer Digital Solutions launched in 2012 with a vision: the Israeli startup wanted to transform schools and lighten backpacks everywhere, by enabling students to take their learning with them on their…

Dec 4 2018

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