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May 25 2022

A Glance into PDFTron’s Global Sales Team with VP Randall Isaac

by Chris Miljanovski

"I always encourage young professionals to make deliberate career choices. Don’t start by choosing a role or a company. Start by choosing an industry whose target buyer is someone you feel connected to, someone you want to learn about – not for the next few years, but the next twenty years."

Randall Isaac

PDFTron is growing so fast. The accelerated growth is bringing brand new sets of challenges and excitement every day. When looking for a new role or career in technology, you want to choose an opportunity with endless potential and professional growth opportunities. You also want to choose a career path that fulfills and encourages you to do your best for years to come.

In the next blog of our employee spotlight series, we interview VP of Global Sales Randall Isaac. He describes what it’s like to manage PDFTron’s Global Sales Team and provides a sneak peek into what it’s like to work in sales in a rapidly evolving company and industry. Here’s what he had to say when we sat down for a one on one.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’ve been in the software industry for the past 20 years. During that time, I’ve led North America Direct sales teams – both inside and field sales, for large companies like SAP, start-ups in the Vancouver area, and mid-sized companies like SuccessFactors and Saba Software.

Why Sales?

I love managing salespeople. I like the camaraderie built when working with intelligent, dynamic teammates on deals while under the intensity of a quota. I enjoy developing relationships with customers. And most of all, I like helping develop people and watching them build impressive careers. Many of the people I’ve managed have become high earners as senior salespeople. Others are in executive leadership positions with great software companies.

What drew you to PDFTron?

I was drawn to this company because PDFTron is the leader in a vast and growing space. We have fantastic technology, an experienced product team, and great corporate backers to provide us with the resources to make even more great things happen. The possibilities for career growth are endless. Individuals joining the team can embark on a twenty-year career in this industry and achieve all their professional goals.

Tell us three reasons why someone would want to join PDFTron’s Sales Team

First, I always encourage young professionals to make deliberate career choices. Many people are reactive when choosing which companies to interview. Don’t do that. Start by selecting an industry whose target buyer is someone you feel connected to, someone you want to learn about – not for the next few years but the next twenty years. The more you know about the challenges and opportunities of the target customer, the more successful you will be, and the more value you will have to the companies that sell to that customer type. At PDFTron, our target buyers are product managers, so we want people who are excited to learn about the opportunities and challenges facing people striving to build great software companies.

Second, we look for intelligent candidates who have a sense of curiosity and love challenges. SDK technology can be anything to anyone; we work with an array of industries – legal, finance, pharmaceutical, real estate, insurance, learning management, and publications, just to name a few. Each new sales lead requires a sales professional to be curious about the customer’s product and its value to their customers. PDFTron sales roles require individuals who crave constant learning.

Finally, we look for individuals who can add to our culture. PDFTron is a challenging environment with so much to learn. We value positive employees who want to achieve results for themselves and their teammates, enjoy seeing everyone accomplish great things, and like to have fun along the way.

Is starting a career at PDFTron for everyone?

If you want to be part of a fast-evolving company like PDFTron, the most important thing is to come to terms with the speed of change. PDFTron is going through rapid growth in a vast, accelerating market. We are constantly adapting to take advantage of market opportunities. We are growing organically and are also active in corporate acquisitions. So with all these new products and additional resources, we are constantly evaluating how to position ourselves as the leader in this amazing software space. If all of this sounds exciting, then PDFTron is the right place for your professional development.

What makes you most proud?

I am most proud of my team. We have developed a culture where people work hard, not only for their own goals but also to support one another in their team goals. It’s a great, collaborative learning culture, and at the same time, the team drives hard for career results. We have a great team that works hard and has a sense of humor and enjoyment in what they do.

What advice would you give someone looking at a career in sales?

My advice is that they should contact me. I always make time to speak with young professionals who have an honest desire to put in the work required to build a great career in sales. I’ve managed around 200 people over the past twenty years. I’ve seen some do exceptionally well and others flounder. If you are willing to put in the work, I am eager to offer guidance.

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