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Jun 10 2022

Measurement Count Tool and More with PDFTron 9.2.3 for Android

by Andrew Ma

The release of

version 9.2.3 brings exciting new features such as a measurement count tool and annotation snapping, as well as tons of improvements!

This post covers the most important features in our latest SDK release. To see the full list, check out our

Measurement Count Tool

We're excited to introduce a new tool for displaying quantity data in a document. Use this tool to create labels for similar items to quickly count and reference them.

android measurement count tool

Annotation Snapping

annotation snapping android

Sometimes it’s difficult to line up multiple annotations in your document without a guide. With annotation snapping, guidelines let you snap annotations into place. Simply drag annotations and align them with the page or another annotation.

Open HTML and SVG Files Directly

You can now open HTML and SVG documents directly in the Viewer by using

. Visit the
for PDFTron 9.2.3 for Android to see the full list of features and improvements.

Wrap Up

We hope you’re as pleased as we are about the release of Android SDK version 9.2.3. See the changes in action today by visiting our live Android


We’ve got a lot more planned, so stay tuned for updates. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on features to roll out next and ways we can improve the experience to make it more intuitive. Please let our developers know your thoughts:

with any questions or suggestions.

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