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May 10 2022

Introducing Typed Signature, Free Text Alignments and More with PDFTron 9.2.2 for Android

by Eamon Mallon

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version 9.2.2 is packed with new features, including typed signatures and free text alignment. To polish the experience further, we’ve also added a new UI for recording and playing sound annotations based on feedback from our valued customers.

This post explains every significant change in the latest version of our Android PDF SDK. Check out the

to see the complete list, including smaller additions and improvements!

Typed Signatures

Signing documents on an Android device can be difficult and result in a less-than-perfect signature. With this in mind, we’ve added the capability to type signatures, resulting in a clean and clear signing workflow throughout the document. Typed signatures are available by default. You can activate them by tapping the “T” icon under the signature entry field.

Typed signature support in Android PDF SDK viewer

Free Text Alignment

Next, users can now align text horizontally and vertically using new alignment options in the free text tool. This will help your users create content to their desired appearance for an entire paragraph.

Free text alignment in Android PDF SDK viewer

Sound Annotation UI

Our new sound annotation UI lets users drag the UI around the screen, playback audio, pause, and resume recording. Users can also annotate and scroll through the document now.

Sound annotation in Android PDF SDK viewer

Pre-built Collaboration Client

Creating a collaboration client has been made easier with the latest version of our flagship SDK. PDFTron offers a pre-built

for document collaboration. This includes a server module and multiple client modules to allow rapid implementation into any cross-platform application.

We’ve added a

on how to use the new collaboration solution with Android. Our new client is compatible with

Wrap Up

We hope you’re as excited as we are about adding the ability to type signatures in documents along with sound annotations, and more. You can see typed signatures and other 9.2.2 changes in action today by visiting our live Android


As always, we’d love your feedback on what features to roll out next and how we can further enhance the user experience. Don’t hesitate to let our developers know your thoughts by
contacting us
with any questions or suggestions. We’ve got a lot more planned, so stay tuned for updates!

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