Today we are very excited to introduce version 6.10.6 of PDFTron's Android PDF SDK . This release includes pressure sensitive signatures, support for group annotations, and much more. This blog post will go through the major changes in 6.10.6. For the full list of changes, please head over to our changelog for PDFTron 6.10.6 for Android .

Pressure sensitive inking for signatures

Signatures now supports pressure sensitive touch for styluses and devices with capacitive touchscreens. Signature strokes will now vary in thickness depending on pressure used while signing.

Here's a preview:

You can learn more about enabling and disabling pressure sensitive inking for signatures in the drop-in components here .

Edit group annotations

A set of annotations may be grouped so that they function as a single unit when a user interacts with them. You can now select and edit the entire group when any of the annotations in the group are selected. Operations such as movement, resizing, deletion and so on will be applied to the entire group.

Asset URI support

Android asset files are now directly supported by the drop-in viewer components . Now you can simply view an asset file by calling the following:

// Returns a custom fragment viewer with a document in the asset folder
public MyCustomTabHostFragment createCustomViewer(@NonNull Context context) {
	Uri fileUri = Uri.parse("file:///android_asset/my_asset_file");
    return ViewerBuilder.withUri(fileUri)

And more...

For a full list of changes, please see the changelog for PDFTron 6.10.6 for Android .

We hope you like these changes and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Please don't hesitate and contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We also have many exciting new features planned for the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned...