Today we are very excited to introduce version 7.0.5 of PDFTron's Android PDF SDK . This release includes pressure support for Ink annotations, reflow with images, support for Android 10, and much more. This blog post will go through the major changes in 7.0.5. For the full list of changes, please head over to our changelog for PDFTron 7.0.5 for Android .

Pressure Sensitive Ink Annotations

Ink annotation creation now supports pressure sensitive touch for styluses and devices with capacitive touchscreens, enabling higher fidelity signatures and a more pleasing visual appearance for ink annotations. By default this is disabled in the drop-in viewer as an annotation style setting. When enabled, ink strokes will vary in thickness depending on pressure used while drawing.

Reflow with Images

Reflow (or Reader mode) displays the content of a PDF in a more-readable format, similar to how Reader mode in Safari works for websites. The style, font, and formatting of the original text is maintained, and any text annotations such as highlights or underlines are also shown.

To further improve the document reading experience on mobile devices, we've added support for Reflow mode with images . Images in the document viewer will now be shown alongside text which helps give readers additional context while reading in Reflow mode.

Document with imagesReflow with images

Android 10

The PDFTron Android PDF SDK now officially supports Android 10, which includes the new scoped storage requirements. For PDFTron Android 7.0.5 and above, it is recommended to update your compile and target SDK versions from 28 to 29.

And More...

Some additional features include:

For a full list of changes, please see the changelog for PDFTron 7.0.5 for Android . You can also try out these new changes in our live showcase demo .

We hope you like these changes. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to let us know . We also have many exciting new features planned for the coming weeks and months. So stay tuned!