We are very excited to announce version 7.1.5 of PDFTron's Android PDF SDK . This release includes a brand new highly customizable user interface for the Android PDF and Office viewer, which will help you create custom solutions quicker and easier than ever. This blog post will look at the main User Interface (UI) changes in the viewer, the new customization capabilities, and how you can integrate the new viewer UI in your app.

For the full list of changes, please head over to our changelog for PDFTron 7.1.5 for Android .

New User Interface (Beta)

We have been working on improving the design and user experience of the document viewer, driven by feedback from our customers and the Xodo user base (PDFTron's top-rated showcase app with over 10 million downloads). The goal is not only to provide a new modern look for the viewer, but also to streamline the document viewing and editing experience. At the same time, we also want to provide developers with improved APIs to support flexible UI customization with our PDF tools. The new viewer UI is available as a beta version, and the source code is available in the SDK package so you can have complete control over customization. You can try it out by following these steps here . We're looking forward to hearing your feedback !

PDF Annotation Toolbar Changes

As we continually improve the SDK, more and more PDF tools are being added to the annotation toolbar. With our old design, the PDF annotation toolbar was becoming crowded with the new tools and button space was limited. The new design solves this problem by separating the annotation toolbars in to separate categories, which will improve PDF tool discoverability and navigation for your users. To accompany this, we also added new API to allow developers to easily modify and build annotation toolbars for any use case.

New Preset Bar

Creating PDF annotations is one of the most important features of the viewer. For note-taking and review extensive workflows, the ability to quickly create annotations with different styles is important so we added a new preset bar to supplement our annotation tools. This will allow your users to switch between annotation tool styles with a single tap and efficiently annotate PDF documents.

Improved Digital Signature, e-Signature, and PDF Stamp Tool

The user interface for the signature and stamp tools has been updated to allow users to quickly switch between different signatures/images and create them with a single tap. This update will streamline signing and image related workflows, allowing your users to effortlessly annotate PDF documents.

Customize the New Viewer UI

As mentioned previously, the new user interface provides better flexibility for customizing the document viewer. The AnnotationToolbarBuilder API has been added to help developers easily create custom annotation toolbars.

Below is an example of a custom barcode scanner toolbar, built using the AnnotationToolbarBuilder API. The sample repository can be found here. To get started, you can check out our annotation toolbar customization guide here .

Integrate the New Viewer

To launch the document viewer with the new interface, you will need to use the new fragment class PdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment2. You can integrate this new viewer class in your app by following the guide here . This guide also provides instructions on migrating from the old PdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment to the new PdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment2 class. Moving forward, PdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment will be deprecated when PdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment2 is out of beta and future updates will focus on PdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment2.

And More!

In addition to these changes, many other components have been updated or added such as:

  • a new multi-document tab switcher dialog
  • a new user customizable toolbar
  • ability for users to re-order toolbar buttons
  • a tablet version of the new UI

You can learn more about the new viewer UI in our documentation here . Also, you can check out the new-ui branch in the Android Samples GitHub repository to see this new UI in action.

Please note that the new document viewer UI is currently in beta so we're very interested to hear what you think! If you have any feedback for us, feel free to let us know!

For a full list of changes, please see the changelog for PDFTron 7.1.5 for Android .