At PDFTron, we're constantly coming up with ways to make it easier for your users to work on documents, whether they complete tasks on their desktops or from the palm of their hands. And in this latest release, 9.0.0 of the PDFTron Android SDK , we've got some new mobile features we're pretty jazzed about. These give developers even more ways to add value to their Android apps and remove friction via enhanced tool & UI customizability. This post looks at the most exciting additions: the new Ink Lasso Tool, a Compact Toolbar UI, and Admin Mode for Document Collaboration.

Head over to our changelog for the complete list, including smaller improvements and additions.

Ink Lasso Tool

Expanding our multi-select toolkit, we've updated the lasso selection tool to support ink annotation, making note-taking workflows a breeze. It is now possible for your users to break up and select ink annotations by stroke, change style properties of selected strokes for one or more annotations at a go, and move multiple ink annotations as a group.

Compact Toolbar UI

Further improving on our new intuitive UI introduced in v7.1.5, we've added a brand new compact version that maximizes screen space for documents by minimizing UI elements. The compact version can be used to target your users with smaller screens or to create a focused environment.

The new, single-line UI, with a compact toolset to maximize screen space for document viewing and interaction.

Admin Mode for Document Collaboration

Next, with this release, we also introduced a brand new admin collaboration mode in the collaboration viewer . The default collaboration viewer is user based; each user is only permitted to modify their own changes. With the new admin mode, however, admin users can modify everyone's changes, with viewer support for undo and redo actions. Get started here: Setting up real-time document collaboration .

And more...

Check out all of the above features in our live demo showcase .

And for a full list of changes, visit the changelog for PDFTron 9.0.0 for Android .

We hope you are as excited as we are about these new additions! We have many more new features planned for the weeks and months ahead.

So stay tuned... In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, feedback, or suggestions for what we should build next.