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Mar 23 2022

Revamped Signature Workflow and More with 9.2.1 SDK for Android

by Branden Fung

The release of 

 version 9.2.1 features a transformed signature workflow to boost user productivity and enable you to deliver a seamless signing experience. We also added a slate of further UX enhancements on the side, all tailor-made for Android users.

On top of an improved signing flow, version 9.2.1 now offers rotation of Free Text annotations, quick bookmark creation, text comments in reflow, and much more.

This post includes only major changes in the latest version of our Android PDF SDK. To see the full list, including smaller enhancements and fixes, head over to the 


Improved Signing Flow

Most notably, 9.2.1 offers an improved document signing flow that allows users to effortlessly sign and manage signatures on their devices, giving productivity a big boost.

Previously, a full-screen signature window appeared over the document, which interrupted the signing process. The updated feature allows users to quickly switch between two signatures while signing without needing to navigate away from the document. A full-screen view is available if the user requires more information.

For users that are signing with multiple signatures, the signing flow is streamlined. The focus keeps the user in the document at all times for an uninterrupted experience. We all know that fewer interruptions means more productivity!


Signatures should be easy and we hope you’ll agree that they’re now a seamless part of the workflow with 9.2.1. Other new features will also contribute to user quality of life.

Free Text Rotation

Users can now freely rotate Free Text annotations, just like with our existing image and stamp rotation feature.


Quick Bookmark Creation

Also, bookmark creation is now a 1-click job. A new button on the viewer allows users to bookmark smoothly, without interrupting their reading experience.


Disabled by default, the quick bookmark button can be enabled in 


And More!

Lastly, we also rolled out a number of accessibility and customization improvements to the viewer UI. Many were inspired by invaluable feedback from our customers. Here are a few examples:

  • Added viewer support for 'Large font' Android system setting
  • New quick menu action for duplicating annotations
  • New API to customize the thumbnail browser menu items
  • Users can now add comments to annotations in Reflow mode

Visit the 

 to see the full list of new customization APIs.

Wrap Up

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new streamlined signing flow. You can now look forward to a better experience for your users as well as productivity gains from this and other improvements. You can see this new feature and all the 9.2.1 changes in action today by visiting our live Android 


As always, we’d love to get your feedback on what features to roll out next and how we can further enhance the user experience. Do let our developers know your thoughts: 

 with any questions or suggestions. We’ve got a lot more planned, so stay tuned for updates.

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