We’re excited to announce the release of version 9.1.0 of our Android PDF SDK introducing three powerful new capabilities bound to help your Android users be more productive and do more with their documents. These include:

  • Custom styles in free text annotations
  • Annotation in reading mode
  • Search in the navigation list

This post covers the most significant 9.1.0 changes. Head over to the changelog for the full list of fixes and enhancements!

Custom Styles in Freetext Annotations

With this release, users can now define custom fonts they wish to use for free text annotation through two newly added APIs:

As a result, it’s now possible to style a free text annotation with custom font, stroke, and fill, allowing users to create more beautiful free text annotations with ease.

custom styles in freetext annotations

Text Markup Annotations in Reading Mode

Next, version 9.1.0 also brings support for adding and modifying the text markup in reading mode. After making a text selection in reading mode, the user can add a highlight, underline, strikeout or squiggly annotation, and modify the styles such as color and opacity, or delete them through the bottom style dialog.

text markup annotations in reading mode

Search in the Navigation Lists

When working with large files with a high number of annotations, bookmarks, and outlines, it can be very helpful to be able to search among them. With this update, it’s now possible to search among annotations, bookmarks, and outlines through the top toolbar.

Search in Annotation ListSearch in OutlineSearch in User Bookmarks
search in the annotation listssearch in the outlinessearch in the bookmarks

Visit the changelog for PDFTron 9.1.0 for Android to see the full list of other UI improvements.

New Customization APIs

Lastly, we also rolled out some popular customization API requests to make you more productive. Here are a few examples:

Wrap Up

We hope you’re as excited as we are about 9.1.0's new additions! You can see them in action today by visiting our live Android showcase .

We’ve got a lot more planned down the road. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on what we can focus on to deliver the most value to your organization and users. Please let our developers know your thoughts; contact us with any questions or suggestions.