Today we are very excited to introduce version 6.9.0 of PDFTron's Android PDF SDK . This release includes big improvements to the digital signature UI, new APIs to manage mobile data usage when viewing online documents, new file export options, and much more. This blog post will go through the major changes in 6.9.0. For the full list of changes, please head over to our changelog for PDFTron 6.9.0 for Android .

Digital signature UI improvements

A signature can be added anywhere on a document or inside a signature form field. With this release, signatures can now be saved and re-used again in the future. It's also possible to select a pre-existing image on the file system for use as a signature. This makes the user experience much faster and more enjoyable in situations where the user is regularly signing documents.

Here's a preview:

New signature flow

Managing mobile data usage

When opening online documents , by default the file will be downloaded continuously until the entire file finishes downloading. In some cases these files could be very large, such as textbooks or complex construction documents. It is now possible to download the parts of the PDF document that are currently on-screen. Everything that is off-screen is not downloaded to minimize data usage.

Here's how:

PDFViewCtrl.HTTPRequestOptions httpRequestOptions = new PDFViewCtrl.HTTPRequestOptions();
mPdfViewCtrl.openUrlAsync("", "cache_path", "password", httpRequestOptions);

New file export options

DocumentActivity now comes with options to export files as: a flattened copy, an optimized copy, a cropped copy and a password protected copy.

Flattened Copy: Flattening a PDF document will make form fields, signatures and other annotations permanent parts of the PDF, so that they cannot be modified or removed.

Here's a preview:


Optimized Copy: Optimizing a PDF document will reduce PDF file size by removing redundant information and compressing data streams with the latest image compression technology.

Here's a preview:


Cropped Copy: A cropped PDF document goes beyond the cropping view mode and will permanently set the document's crop box to the selected crop area. The document's new crop area will persist across other PDF readers. Cropping is useful when you want to remove extra border of a page or remove irrelevant information of a page.

Password-protected Copy: This allows users to secure and encrypt their documents by requiring a password to view or open it.

These options can be removed with ViewerConfig.Builder if not desired.

And more...

  • A number of new configuration options added to the ViewerConfig.Builder, such as document conversion options, cache location for downloaded files, option to not use support action bar etc.
  • A number of new configuration options added to the ToolManagerBuilder, such as an option to show or hide the annotation comments indicator, an option to show saved signatures, an option to show import signature from photos icon etc.
  • AdvancedReaderActivity now showcases how to open documents from the Android system picker
  • AnnotationToolbar now comes with APIs to remove the close, pan and overflow button, as well as APIs to change the default annotation tool grouping, see tutorial here: AnnotationToolbar

For a full list of changes, please see changelog for PDFTron 6.9.0 for Android .

We hope you like these changes and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Please don't hesitate and contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We also have many exciting new features planned ahead, stay tuned.