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What Is a Video Annotation?

Video annotations are comments, shapes, or drawings placed on top of a video frame or a video frame range. Unfortunately, there is currently no specification for how a video should be annotated or even for…

Jul 28 2021


New - PDF Outline Editing with PDFTron 9.0.2 for Android

A tree view provides a clear path that allows users to navigate file system directories. It’s also used to represent hierarchies and deliver structured insertion and searching operations. Version 9.0.…

Jul 23 2021


How to Engage and Keep Users In-App by Improving the Document Experience

Part 1 of a guide for product managers & leaders to help accelerate their time to market If you’re a software company product manager, you know the deal. You need to get new features to market in step with…

Jul 22 2021


Automated Table Detection and Extraction with

PDFTron's Artificial Intelligence platform uses deep learning methods to extract complex tables accurately and outputs in multiple formats. Now there’s an easier way to get meaningful tabular data out of…

Jul 19 2021


First Business Bank Fast-Tracks Transformation with Salesforce + PDFTron for Document Generation

“PDFTron helped development in our organization move significantly faster and greatly reduced the time we spent building templates for collecting information,” ~ First Business Bank's Manager of…

Jul 7 2021


How to Review Videos with Audio Track Visualized with WebViewer Video 4.0

Because video can’t go without audio, we bridge the two worlds with the release of WebViewer Video 4.0. With new built-in audio waveform support, users can now see the audio track in the same UI they’d use…

Jun 24 2021


How to Build a Document Signing App for Android

Remotely signing and sending important documents like contracts often takes more than it should. You may have to open the document and change the format in one application, then sign in another, or rely on…

Jun 15 2021


Introducing an All-New Annotation List, Viewer and API Improvements, and More

Our PDFTron iOS SDK continues to grow -- faster than we can report! So in this post, we do a little catch up, combining news of the latest changes in back-to-back releases, version 9.0.1 and 9.0.0, each…

Jun 10 2021


Building a Webpage Annotation and Collaboration Solution

With the pandemic-accelerated shift towards a digital-first economy, the company website has become more critical than ever to lead and sales generation, support, service, and customer success. As a result…

Jun 8 2021


New - Mobile Document Generation and Digital Signature Validation with PDFTron 9.0.1 for Android

We’re excited to announce the release of version 9.0.1 of our Android PDF SDK, introducing two powerful new capabilities: a new document generator from Office templates and a digital signature validation…

Jun 7 2021


Automating Document Generation in Salesforce

For a while now, we've enjoyed working with partners worldwide inventing cool, new solutions on top of Salesforce tailored to particular industries. And one commonly asked-for feature by these clients was…

Jun 2 2021


PDFTron Announces Strategic Growth Investment from Thoma Bravo

VANCOUVER, BC and SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – May 21, 2021 – PDFTron Systems Inc., the world’s leading provider of document technology solutions for software developers, today announced a strategic growth…

May 21 2021


Lasso Selection Tool, Text Link Annotations, and Multi-Language Support with PDFTron 9.0.0 for UWP

We’re proud to announce version 9.0.0 of the PDFTron SDK for UWP and with this release, even more options for developers looking to enrich the user experience when building Windows desktop and mobile apps…

May 5 2021


New Ink Lasso Tool, Compact Toolbar UI, and more with PDFTron 9.0.0 for Android

At PDFTron, we're constantly coming up with ways to make it easier for your users to work on documents, whether they complete tasks on their desktops or from the palm of their hands. And in this latest…

Apr 20 2021


Automated Article Extraction from PDFs with

The amount and variety of documents shared worldwide have increased exponentially. Organizations need ways to make sense of all this content faster with technology to automate its understanding and filter…

Apr 15 2021


PDFTron Acquires Document Automation Leader Windward Studios

Definitive technology platform extended with dynamic document automation & generation for app developers, integrators and admins Vancouver, British Columbia, April 8, 2021 -- PDFTron Systems Inc., the…

Apr 8 2021


Recover Health Rolls Out a Cross-platform, COVID-safe Form Fill App in just 24 Days

Recover Health is on a mission: To make health care at home safer through innovation Recover Health is a Medicare-certified and industry-leading home health agency. Its 1,500 employees -- including nurses…

Mar 31 2021


PDFTron Acquires PDF3D, the World Leader in 3D PDF Conversion and Collaboration Technologies

PDFTron platform expands with the availability of the PDF3D SDK for developers Vancouver, British Columbia, March 30, 2021 -- PDFTron Systems Inc., the world’s leading provider of document technology…

Mar 30 2021


Highlights from DevWeek 2021 - Do Not Download Your PDF

Hosted this February 17th to 18th, DeveloperWeek is the world’s largest developer and engineering conference. And despite going entirely online it continued as a massive success, bringing 8,500 engineers…

Mar 24 2021


Introducing WebViewer Collaboration - Rapid Integration for Document Collaboration

In a pandemic-altered world where digital collaboration has become the norm, providing a seamless collaborative experience to your users on their documents can add a large amount of value to your…

Mar 15 2021


How to Generate a PDF with JavaScript

A very common requirement for web applications is a way to generate PDFs and make them available for download. This is typically to produce invoices, tickets, sales contracts, reports, and other documents…

Mar 14 2021


How We Secure our Digital Signature Validation in PDF

Five months ago, we announced the release of trailblazing features for digital signing workflows. Realizing developers needed a digital signature solution they could trust, we introduced a secure-by…

Mar 11 2021


Introducing improved Apple Pencil support, support for Swift Package Manager, .xcframeworks, and more

Today we are pleased to announce version 8.1.2 of the PDFTron iOS SDK. This blog post covers 8.1.2 and the 8.1.0/1 releases. Improved Apple Pencil Support Apple Pencil support has been enhanced by adding…

Mar 10 2021


How to Collaborate on and Review Video Files in Salesforce

Today, more and more businesses use video as a means to educate, connect, and market to target audiences, thanks to the rapid spread of new ways of creating and sharing videos online. Our WebViewer Video…

Mar 3 2021


WebViewer 7.3: Introducing client side signature validation

March is upon us and Winter, almost over. Here at PDFTron, we spent these last months not in hibernation but productive innovation. As a result, release 7.3 of the PDFTron SDK-powered and WebAssembly-based…

Feb 22 2021


Measurement Tools, Redaction and Viewer Control with PDFTron SDK 8.1.1 for UWP

Today, we are pleased to announce version 8.1.1 of PDFTron's UWP PDF SDK. This release features brand-new Measurement and Redaction tools for the annotation toolbar, plus a new Viewer Control, combining UI…

Feb 17 2021


Should I Rewrite my .NET Application?

A ton of applications currently run on the .NET framework, first developed by Microsoft in 2002. But with its final major update in April 2019, only small .NET patches are planned from here on out…

Feb 10 2021


How to Populate Record Data into PDF Forms in Salesforce

Many Salesforce users would like an automated flow to populate fields in document templates with Salesforce data -- whether to send auto-filled letters to customers or quickly sign their internal documents…

Feb 8 2021


Smart Pen Tool and PDF to Word Conversion With PDFTron 8.1.1 for Android

Today, we are excited to introduce version 8.1.1 of PDFTron's Android PDF SDK, including a brand new Smart Pen tool, PDF to Word conversion, and a new way to create shape annotations with a single tap…

Jan 29 2021


How to Create a Walkthrough in your WebViewer Solution

Building WebViewer's UI is a challenge because it goes inside so many other products serving different industries and verticals. WebViewer powers apps used by surgeons to collaborate around medical images…

Jan 18 2021


How to View, Edit, Annotate and Redact Salesforce Record Attachment Files in a Lightning Web Component

At PDFTron, many clients approached us looking for an end-to-end document solution for their Salesforce applications -- one that could handle their most commonly used document file types and integrate…

Jan 12 2021


2020 at PDFTron in Review

We will all remember the year 2020. Here at PDFTron, as elsewhere, we had to adapt rapidly to the pandemic-altered business environment. We were fortunate to have strong work-from-home DNA as a company and…

Jan 7 2021


New Annotation Toolbar Design, Thumbnail Viewer with Page Overlay and Marquee Zoom on PDFTron SDK 8.1.0 for UWP

Today, we are excited to welcome the new year with version 8.1.0 of PDFTron's UWP PDF SDK, including a better Annotation Toolbar interface with color feedback, a new Marquee Zoom tool, improved…

Jan 7 2021


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