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PDFTron Featured in SD Times "The PDF file format: A work in progress".

With almost every sector of the economy facing a digital transformation, businesses must find new ways to get their information and data online. No longer does it make sense to have documents stored on paper. To keep up with the ever-changing times, more and more businesses are turning to the Portable Document Format (PDF).

Nov 29 2016

PDFNet SDK V6.7 is released

This release includes many improvements to performance and stability, the ability to directly convert Office .doc files to PDF (as well as .docx and .pptx), support for JavaScript forms, support for cloudy and no-zoom annotations, the ability to individually export color separations, and updates to all of our mobile viewers.

Nov 16 2016

PDFNet SDK V6.6.1 for desktop/server is released

PDFNet SDK V6.6.1 for desktop/server is released

Apr 4 2016