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pdf.js: Interesting Project, Incorrect Rendering

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in 2015. Read our Comprehensive Guide to PDF.js Rendeirng for a revamped overview of PDF.js rendering accuracy and possible implications for your project…

Nov 24 2015


PDFNetJS: Complete Browser PDF Viewer and Editor

PDFNetJS The WEB is taking over (obviously) On desktop computers, web apps continue to replace activities that were previously fulfilled by Windows/Mac/Linux programs. The advantages are many: web apps are…

Nov 10 2015


PDFTron Presenting at the PDF Technical Conference 2015 in San Jose

PDF Technical Conference PDFTron Systems Inc. will be sponsoring and speaking at the PDF Technical Conference 2015, held October 19 - 20 at Adobe Systems in San Jose, California. We will be presenting two…

Oct 16 2015


PDFTron at the PDF Technical Conference 2015

PDFTron is pleased to announce that we are a sponsor and presenter at the upcoming PDF Technical Conference 2015, held October 19-20 in San Jose, California. Aimed at software developers and technical…

Oct 16 2015


Cross-Platform Word to PDF Conversion

View and Convert Microsoft Word Documents Anywhere We’re very pleased to announce the launch of the newest addition to PDFTron SDK: built-in Word conversion. Now you can go straight from .docx to .pdf…

Sept 8 2015


PDFNet SDK V6.5.3 is released

Word conversion on all platforms!

Aug 31 2015


PDFNet SDK V6.5 is released

Support for the new XOD format, improved Text and Word conversion, and more!

May 19 2015


Collaborating with PDF

PDFTron was pleased to present at the PDF Association‘s recently held PDFDay conference in Washington, DC and New York City. James Borthwick, a member of our development team, presented a talk on…

Mar 16 2015


PDFTron Completes Expansion into New Offices in Downtown Vancouver

Jameson House Tower As one of the fastest growing companies in British Columbia, and a world leader in high performance PDF and graphics technology, PDFTron once again expanded offices. Now located on the…

Feb 9 2015


PDFNet SDK V6.4 is released

Maintenance release with various improvements to annotations and conversion.

Jan 20 2015

Upcoming Webinar: PDFTron SDK Tech Review | Nov 29, 2022 at 2 pm ET


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