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PDFNet for .Net and AnyCPU

In a previous post we announced the availability of PDFNet in Nuget, and also discussed how we made PDFNet work with the AnyCPU configuration. Feedback for the AnyCPU setup has been great, but our users…

Dec 1 2014


PDF Day in Washington DC and New York City

PDFTron would like to invite you to join us at PDF Day. Hosted in Washington, DC on December 10, 2014 and New York City on December 11, 2014, the event will provide CIOs, IT executives, content strategists…

Nov 4 2014


PDFTron to present at The PDF Day

In Washington DC and New York City on December 10 and 11. The PDF Day is a two-track educational event providing CIOs, IT executives, content strategists and document management vendors with the big picture on PDF technology from top developers in the space.

Oct 28 2014


PDFNet SDK V6.3 is released

Maintenance release with various improvements to annotations and conversion. Plus, night mode!

Oct 6 2014


Using PDFNet From a Swift Project on iOS

PDFNet is easy to use with a Swift project. This post will show how to set up a new Swift project and display a PDF. This post will show you the basics of starting a new Swift project that uses PDFNet. For…

Sept 22 2014


PDFTron PDFNet for .Net Now Available From

Recently we added PDFNet to the Nuget gallery. For our .Net users this is a great new way to keep up on the latest PDFNet releases. This package includes all of our .Net…

Sept 10 2014


A Simple Example of Converting PDF to HTML

We have received lots of interest in our new PDF to HTML/EPUB conversion since it was released in PDFNet 6.0. With this interest we have also gotten questions on customizing the output. So today I’ll…

May 25 2014


iOS Tools V 6.2

The way tool library callbacks work has changed for better transparency and customization. Updating existing code to work with the new PDFViewCtrl should only take a couple of minutes and is described here…

Mar 13 2014


PDFNet SDK V6.2 is released

Maintenance update with significant improvements on mobile and tools side.

Mar 12 2014


Table Extraction and PDF to XML With PDFGenie

Intro Why is PDF so popular and what is its Achilles’ foot? How difficult is it to extract a table from PDF? What is the best tool to extract structure from PDF? PDF Liberation Hackathon PDFGenie…

Mar 2 2014


PDF SDK Bindings for PHP, Python, and Ruby

PDFTron open sources PDFNet language bindings for PHP, Python, and Ruby. We are happy to announce that the source code for the PHP, Python, and Ruby bindings for PDFNet are now open source. This is in…

Feb 28 2014


Mobile Cross-Platform PDF Viewers: Options for Android, iOS, Windows Store (UWP) Apps

The rise of mobile platforms, each with its own native programming language and API, has created new demand for cross-platform development tools and SDKs. To display a PDF, most cross-platform toolkits…

Feb 3 2014


Exception Handling in PDFNet for Windows Store apps

Starting with PDFNet SDK 6.2.0-BETA for Windows Store apps, it is now possible to get more useful error messages when PDFNet throws exceptions. Due to limitations of the COM API boundary, only System…

Feb 3 2014

Upcoming Webinar: PDFTron SDK Tech Review | Nov 29, 2022 at 2 pm ET


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