Namespace: Hotkeys

WebViewerInstance. Hotkeys

A class which contains hotkeys APIs.

You must NOT instantiate this yourself. Access instances of this class using instance.hotkeys


<static> AvailableHotkeys :string

Available hotkeys that can be passed to instance.hotkeys.on or as lowercase. Hotkeys that use the Ctrl key can also be activated by pressing the Command key.

These strings are not static properties of this class. They are listed here only for the documentation purpose.
  • string
Name Type Description
Ctrl_Shift_Equals string Rotate the document clockwise (Ctrl+Shift+=).
Ctrl_Shift_Minus string Rotate the document counterclockwise (Ctrl+Shift+-)
Ctrl_C string Copy selected text or annotations
Ctrl_V string Paste text or annotations
Ctrl_Z string Undo an annotation change
Ctrl_Y string Redo an annotation change
Ctrl_O string Open the file picker
Ctrl_F string Open the search overlay
Ctrl_Equals string Zoom in (Ctrl+=)
Ctrl_Minus string Zoom out (Ctrl+-)
Ctrl_0 string Fit the document to the screen width in a small screen(< 640px), otherwise fit it to its original size
Ctrl_P string Print
PageUp string Go to the previous page
PageDown string Go to the next page
Space string Hold to switch to Pan mode and release to return to previous tool
Escape string Select the AnnotationEdit tool
P string Select the Pan tool
A string Select the AnnotationCreateArrow tool
C string Select the AnnotationCreateCallout tool
E string Select the AnnotationEraserTool tool
F string Select the AnnotationCreateFreeHand tool
I string Select the AnnotationCreateStamp tool
L string Select the AnnotationCreateLine tool
N string Select the AnnotationCreateSticky tool
O string Select the AnnotationCreateEllipse tool
R string Select the AnnotationCreateRectangle tool
T string Select the AnnotationCreateFreeText tool
S string Open the signature modal or the overlay
G string Select the AnnotationCreateTextSquiggly tool
H string Select the AnnotationCreateTextHighlight tool
K string Select the AnnotationCreateTextStrikeout tool
U string Select the AnnotationCreateTextUnderline tool


off( [key] [, handler])

Remove an event handler for the given hotkey
Name Type Argument Description
key string <optional>
An optional keyboard key or a tool name. If not passed, all handlers will be removed
handler function <optional>
An optional function. If not passed, all handlers of the given key will be removed
  .then(function(instance) {
      // this will remove all handlers for ctrl = and command ='ctrl+=, command+=');

      // this is equivalent to'escape');'AnnotationEdit');

on(key [, handler])

Add an event handler for the given hotkey
Name Type Argument Description
key string A keyboard key or a tool name.
If a hotkey is consisted of more than one key. Those keys should be connected using '+'.
handler function | object <optional>
An optional argument
If it is undefined, the default handler of the given key will be registered
If it is an function, it will be called on key down
If it is an object, it should have the shape of { keydown: func1, keyup: func2 }. Func1 will be called on keydown while func2 will be called on keyup
  .then(function(instance) {
      // this will be called on keydown
      instance.hotkeys.on('ctrl+d, command+d', e => {

      instance.hotkeys.on('ctrl+g', {
        keydown: e => {
          console.log('ctrl+g is pressed!');
        keyup: e => {
          console.log('ctrl+g is released!')

      // this will register the default zoom in handler
      instance.hotkeys.on('ctrl+=, command+=');

      // this is equivalent to instance.hotkeys.on('escape');