Class: AndroidContentPartRetriever

PartRetrievers. AndroidContentPartRetriever

Represents a http part retriever.

new AndroidContentPartRetriever(url, cacheHint, decrypt, decryptOptions)

Constructs a new AndroidContentPartRetriever. AndroidContentPartRetriever retrieves Document parts asynchronously from a .xod file that exists locally in an Android app.

Name Type Description
url string

The URL of the file to load. May be relative to the current page.

cacheHint PartRetrievers.CacheHinting

The type of cache hinting to use

decrypt function

Function to be called to decrypt a part of the file

decryptOptions Object

An object with options for the decryption e.g. {p: "pass", type: "aes"} where is p is the password




Sets custom HTTP headers that will be sent with XOD part requests.

Name Type Description
headers object

An object with the properties and values being the header names and values that will be set. e.g. { 'MyCustomHeader': 'MyCustomValue'}

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Sets a function to be called if there is an error loading the document or retrieving a part.

Name Type Description
callback function

The callback to handle the error

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Sets withCredentials on xhr requests for the document.

Name Type Description
withCredentials boolean
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