Class: SubmitForm

Actions. SubmitForm

Submit the form, via various possible protocols, and including/excluding different fields.

new SubmitForm(options)

Creates a submit-form action.

Name Type Argument Description
options object <nullable>

A map of properties to set on the Action

Name Type Description
url string

The URL to submit the form to

fields Array.<string>

A list of the names of the fields to operate on

format string

The format in which to submit the fields (one of fdf, html, xfdf)

includeEmpty boolean

Whether to include empty fields

flags Annotations.WidgetFlags

A flags object exposing all flags on the action

method string

The HTTP method to submit with (either POST or GET)

exclude boolean

Whether to include or exclude the fields named in fields



onTriggered(owner, event, documentViewer)

Called when the action is triggered.

Name Type Description
owner Annotations.Forms.Field | CoreControls.DocumentViewer

The dispatcher to which this action is attached

event Annotations.Forms.PDFJS.Event

The PDFJS event to use when executing the action

documentViewer CoreControls.DocumentViewer

The DocumentViewer to use as context for the action execution

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