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About PDFNet SDK

PDFNet SDK is a high-quality, industry-strength PDF library meeting the requirements of the most demanding and diverse applications. Using PDFNet you can write stand-alone, cross-platform, and reliable commercial applications that can read, write, edit, print and display PDF documents.

The PDFNet SDK is available for all major mobile platforms:

and desktop/server environments:

  • Windows (.NET 2.0-UWP, Java, C/C++, Python)
  • Linux (Java, C/C++, Python, Ruby)
  • macOS (Obj-C, Swift, Java, C/C++, Python, Ruby)

as well as, with WebViewer, directly in a web browser.

For more information, please visit us at

iOS PDFNet SDK Overview

  • Doc – A folder containing PDFNet API Reference, in HTML format and as a .docset.
  • Lib – A folder containing the PDFNet framework (dynamic and static variants), and the Tools framework and associated source code.
  • Samples – A folder containing iOS sample projects.
  • TestFiles – PDF test files used by the sample projects.
  • legal.txt – Legal and copyright information.
  • license.pdf – CPU license agreement and warranty for this product.
  • readme.{md,html} – This file in html and markdown.

Additional iOS Documentation

Adding PDFNet to an iOS App

New project tutorial

The online how to integrate PDFNet on iOS is a step-by-step tutorial for adding PDFNet to an Xcode project.

Dynamic vs. Static framework

PDFNet can be used as either a dynamic or static framework. We highly recommend using the dynamic framework for the following reasons:

  • Dynamic framework packages are officially supported by Apple, static libraries are not.
  • Dynamic frameworks enable delta updates, meaning if you update your app but not the PDFNet framework, the PDFNet framework will not need to be re-downloaded.
  • The dynamic framework is easier to integrate into your project.
  • Dynamic libraries result in faster compile speeds because the entire library isn’t statically linked each compile/link cycle.

Technical Support

At PDFTron, we understand that good technical support is as important to our customers as our products themselves. Our technical support team consists of the same developers that build our products, work on new features and fix the bugs. This ensures that our customers receive accurate and to-the- point answers to their questions or problems.

For details related to technical support, please refer to PDFTron support

You can submit bug reports directly through our support webpage or by sending a bug report via email to

If you are sending an email, please include the following information when submitting a bug report:

  1. Your Name and Company / Contact information.
  2. PDFNet Product and Version
  3. Operating System
  4. Detailed description of the problem.
  5. Are you subscribed to annual maintenance?

Call for Success Stories!

We are always looking for practical examples of solutions achieved by our customers using our products, as well as, feedback on your level of satisfaction with our products and customer service.

If you have an interesting solution using our products or would like to offer us some feedback, please email:

Thank you!

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