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pdftron::PDF::TimestampingTestResult Class Reference

#include <TimestampingTestResult.h>

Public Member Functions

 TimestampingTestResult (const TimestampingTestResult &other)
TimestampingTestResultoperator= (const TimestampingTestResult &other)
 ~TimestampingTestResult ()
void Destroy ()
bool GetStatus () const
UString GetString () const
bool HasResponseVerificationResult () const
EmbeddedTimestampVerificationResult GetResponseVerificationResult () const
 TimestampingTestResult (TRN_TimestampingTestResult impl)

Public Attributes

TRN_TimestampingTestResult m_impl

Detailed Description

A class representing the result of testing a timestamping configuration.

Definition at line 21 of file TimestampingTestResult.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::PDF::TimestampingTestResult::TimestampingTestResult ( const TimestampingTestResult other)
pdftron::PDF::TimestampingTestResult::~TimestampingTestResult ( )
pdftron::PDF::TimestampingTestResult::TimestampingTestResult ( TRN_TimestampingTestResult  impl)

Member Function Documentation

void pdftron::PDF::TimestampingTestResult::Destroy ( )
EmbeddedTimestampVerificationResult pdftron::PDF::TimestampingTestResult::GetResponseVerificationResult ( ) const

If a timestamp response was successfully retrieved from a timestamp authority, returns the result of verifying it. If a timestamp response was not received, throws. One should call HasResponseVerificationResult first to see if a detailed result is available before calling this function.

a timestamp response verification result
bool pdftron::PDF::TimestampingTestResult::GetStatus ( ) const

Retrieves the overall status of the timestamping configuration testing operation.

a boolean value representing the status.
UString pdftron::PDF::TimestampingTestResult::GetString ( ) const

Retrieves a result message regarding the timestamping configuration testing operation.

a string result message.
Output may change in future versions.
bool pdftron::PDF::TimestampingTestResult::HasResponseVerificationResult ( ) const

Returns whether a timestamp response verification result is available. This means that false will be returned when a timestamp response was not received or was empty (e.g. network failures, improper server configuration, bad URL, etc.). This function should be called to check for the availability of a verification result before actually attempting to retrieve one using GetResponseVerificationResult (which throws if a result is not available).

whether a timestamp response verification result is available
TimestampingTestResult& pdftron::PDF::TimestampingTestResult::operator= ( const TimestampingTestResult other)

Member Data Documentation

TRN_TimestampingTestResult pdftron::PDF::TimestampingTestResult::m_impl

Definition at line 76 of file TimestampingTestResult.h.

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