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Draw from a full API, including hundreds of functions, to create and share your 3D data in a format everyone can instantly view, mark up, and comment on. Add immediate competitive advantage to your 3D PDF tools with user-centric 3D PDF features unavailable elsewhere.

Bring Ideas to Life

Add rich viewing controls and animation in PDFs to any application. Drastically speed up decision times with features to let users deeply inspect 3D drawings, products, and prototypes.

Rich, Interactive 3D PDFs

Generate 3D PDFs with robust terrain grids, colors, and textures enabling users to rotate, zoom, and pan to explore 3D models.

Superior Fidelity

Patented high-compression encoding methods allow for superior image and text quality, without distorting the original model.

Robust Features

Endless possibilities to enhance and present 3D data with animation modes, metadata options, geospatial features, and a multitude of styling colors, layouts, fonts, and templates.

Exceptional User Experience

Enable end users to generate 3D PDF files simply by clicking "Save as 3D PDF."


Designed for the unique needs of 3D developers across a wide range of industries including engineering, geospatial, manufacturing, earth sciences, forensics, healthcare, and more.

Framework Integrations

Easily integrate into third party frameworks where 3D data structures exist.

Multiple File Formats

File converters for popular file formats such as DWG, XML, ParaView, VTK, STL, 3DS, VRML, and many more.

2D Support

Capability of adding full 2D content for images, graphics, and text.

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